Peripheral Ossifying Fibroma In Posterior Maxilla In A Female Patient: A Case Report

  • Ullas Saxena Senior Lecturer, Department of Oral Medicine, Guru Gobind Dental College, Burhanpur, M.P., India.
Keywords: Ossifying Fibroma, Oral Cavity, Maxilla, Pyogenic Granuloma


Since the evolution of mankind, microorganisms, pathogens, infections, diseases, and injuries all have been true natural companions of humans. Pathogens whether bacterial or viral can infect any part of the body; the oral cavity is no such exception. Similarly, dental caries, swellings whether extraoral or intraoral, hard and soft tissue tumours are also common in the oral cavity. This article reviews a soft tissue gingival swelling in the posterior maxilla, which was diagnosed during clinical examination in a female patient.


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